Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7th and still not started Pinterest 365 challenge

I am still working on house. Painting the outside is taking way longer than I thought. I bought great paint with primer mixed in but still my walls just soaking it up. Not to mention the complications of rain. But I see an ending in the future. Update on kitchen - walls were falling apart when we were chipping away tiles my Dad decided to tear down walls and start from scratch. Today I will be enjoying the ac while I sand and paint ceiling and walls. By the 15th stove should be in place so by the end of the month everything should come together and be done. My new job is going great and it allows me the time I need to get house done. I am now deciding if I should take a staycation in August or plan a big party to show off all the hard work LOL. I will keep you posted.

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